A tribute to Blessed Alexandrina - a living miracle of the Eucharist.

This amateur video excerpt was taken by members of the Blessed Alexandrina Society during a pilgrimage to Balasar, where they were shown a film of Blessed Alexandrina undergoing her mystical Passion.  This film played an important part in the deposition of the Cause for Blessed Alexandrina's Beatification. 


Some viewers have reported difficulty in downloading the video from the original instructions given below. In that case, here is an alternative direct link to the video: 


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1 The video is in the very common .wmv format which should be acceptable to most PCs. It will play in Windows Media Player.
2 The video can take a while to download and you are recommended to save it.
3 To save the video, make a right mouse button click here, left click on the "Save Link as . . . . " option, and then save the file as:   blalex.wmv in a location to suit yourself. To play the video without saving the file, make a left mouse click instead. For XP users, the file will download and then open. For Vista users, the video begins to play immediately.
4 If you saved the file, a double left click on it should open Windows Media Player and play the video.
Nb: If the "Save Link as . . ." option is grayed out and cannot be used, you need to open your browser and go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Contents tab -> and in the "Content Advisor" you will see a button called "Enable" or "Dis-enable" and it needs to be saying "Enable" in order for you to be able to save files.
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