A tribute to Blessed Alexandrina - a living miracle of the Eucharist.

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Official Blessed Alexandrina website (Balasar, Portugal) featuring live webcam at the parish church of Balasar


Alexandrina de Balasar (unofficial site) http://alexandrinabalasar.free.fr/index_english.htm
Buy the Blessed Alexandrina booklet here:


Buy the Blessed Alexandrina DVD here:


View an excerpt of the DVD: http://en.gloria.tv/?media=99751
Review of booklet "Blessed Alexandrina - A Living Miracle of the Eucharist" http://alexandrinabalasar.free.fr/a_living_miracle_of_the_eucharist.htm
Radio program on Blessed Alexandrina                         http://www.ruralcatholicradio.com/shows-almoe.php
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Universal Living Rosary Association of St Philomena: http://www.philomena.org